Let’s Talk Sex

​THIS THREE LETTER WORD.... It is among the sins Done behind the scenes Sugarcoated by different terms Practice,preparation for the future,tasting the waters.... Some say,How can you buy a shoe without checking if it perfectly fits? But i ask,If thrown into a pool of water, Will you wait to drown? They say its an initiation… Continue reading Let’s Talk Sex



​On a journey, a road. For the delays that end, with bright and beautiful views, storm clouds and darkness too. Seems somewhere along the way I took a wrong turn that led me somewhere I never sought to go.... and now just trynna find my way back. So, I keep on moving, keep on searching. This… Continue reading My JOURNEY


The Visa Chase

​That time when one needs a visa to travel, everything that can possibly be done to ensure that the process goes well is observed right from time to the the necessary documents. Night travels and morning cold will be braved, queus made as early as 6.00 am. Prayers will also be said to a involve… Continue reading The Visa Chase


Apostasy: Reality or a fallacy?

Been a true follower of Christ for a while but as at now, you are no longer in the faith. This is very possible but, was the apostate really in the faith? Paul in 2nd Peter explains that Christians need confirm their calling and election that draws them before time, before the foundation of the… Continue reading Apostasy: Reality or a fallacy?


Love and Sacrifice

The man has his sleeves rolled up on errands, runs up and down to have ends met, food get to the table each evening, good food for that matter. But, he keeps forgetting appointments that if not attended will mean deals aren't sealed. His books of account are messy too thus compromise running as a… Continue reading Love and Sacrifice


Marriage Works… Story 1

Alex and I fought alot during our dating, engagement, and in the first phase of our marriage. At some point I even broke our engagement The main reason for our fighting was expectations. I was raised by a great Dad and amazing big brother. On the other hand, Alex was raised by a "super mum"… Continue reading Marriage Works… Story 1


That Hero

​A look at the steps to greatness of this olympian, Paul Chelimo, paints a lot of hope to people like me. From the primary school days to the sporting activities to the resilience in high school that conquered failure to the hardwork that has earned Mustang a place in the hall of heroes in the… Continue reading That Hero

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I repent

Deep in the world, seeking to satisfy the desires of the flesh. Bit by bit it gets to be so. Yet, this is the very body that is to be a temple of the Holy Spirit through which I ought glorify God with. That's done, so much done that the body feels so high, self… Continue reading I repent

Christian articles

To Whose Glory?

Conversations, agreements, deals, texts, calls saturate out lives each day on diverse topics, for various reasons and with varied motives. Remember the last time you talked to that other person? What drove the talking? To what end was the reason of talking? Did we speak life, hope with an eye on eternity or on sheer… Continue reading To Whose Glory?

Random articles

Sorry I Am

I am sorry to every ex whose heart I broke, to every girl that fell victim to my abattoir and sorry for every word that I said and I quote “I love you” for definitely the meaning was far-fetched. Memory of the future left for the rain, I stole stars from the sky then set… Continue reading Sorry I Am