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Sorry I Am

I am sorry to every ex whose heart I broke, to every girl that fell victim to my abattoir and sorry for every word that I said and I quote “I love you” for definitely the meaning was far-fetched. Memory of the future left for the rain, I stole stars from the sky then set… Continue reading Sorry I Am

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Broken man

Me, the prodigal son, at the end of the day I realize am the chosen one, lost my way so many times, wondering if I'll make it through the night, ever get it right.I don't know why you never leave me lonely, if I was you I would love me. I need some brighter days,… Continue reading Broken man

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Thorn in the flesh

My childhood was that normal one, back in the village where mobile phones were rare gadgets, we knew of black and white TV’s that enjoyed additional stripe-coloured screens to at least make them colour televisions. A number of years later, Motorola T190 and Erickson phones came into existence with only the ‘elite’ getting to own… Continue reading Thorn in the flesh