26th Confession

A bungalow with a number of guzzlers packed within, two kids and a beautiful wife….. life’s goals…..

Noooo, life is a one time gift and when its gone, nothing much can be said about it except posts on thy timeline of who I was to the world, some true, some a making of interested minds. Getting to wake up each morning alone is an offer from Him who formed us to live to Him and for Him and so I consider this grace that I don’t really deserve considering the sinful being that I am. But again, should this translate to living for thy own? Not at all

Simple… I wanna live a happy life, loving Him with my all and earnestly seek that I glorify and enjoy Him in all, within and without. To lay in hope that one day someone who loves Him more than she love me comes my way…. ohhh… I need go out to pursue her… Eyes on a beautiful heart and an endearing soul, hope she proposes the lie that anything or anyone, me included can ever satisfy her, I really can’t….. One who speaks faithfully and has a heart of service to others…. that we meet somewhere in the pursuit of love that is solely His then get to share this with full conscience that we don’t belong to that who is of this world for indeed Him who is not of the world is way much greater, greatest and is not of the world but eternal, that we give Him a chance to reign. The world can never be fair to anyone but one can always be fair to the world… I choose to invest in people that when the crooked walls cave in, rescuers will be bountifully available to fellowship together. I want no name here for it will be erased one day just the way employees get better or even perfect replacements even before retirement if not retrenchment or at the worst, sacking. Just knowing I am happy regardless of status in the society will be such great delight, joyfully live to that last heartbeat.

Being a race, living definitely includes other equally gifted beings thus the choices to make on whom to live for. Vanities upon vanities to seek to live ‘better’ lives that is just but a making of this world.

I just want to run this race, remain faithful to this creator who is beyond human comprehension, share life with an amazing family that fears the Lord and be a blessing to those around me that even without a coin in the pocket, I will smile, always reach out to the world in love and above all to testify of this God who is Good, whose mercies endure forever. Be a father to those bundles of sin that I will be gifted with and be a husband to that other being who will choose to endure vanity with this being, walking daily in obedience and loving as God loves us, the world. I really hope that He calls us His own when the curtains fall one day.


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