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Soldier on soldier

Remember that day you gave your life to Christ? What’s your testimony for all (Christians) who believe in the Son have a testimony. From this very testimony comes the reality of us being sinful to the core and Jesus the Son of our Living God having being the propitiation for us that we now have life for Christ lives in us. When I first got an idea of salvation, I thought of it as a walk in the park where, when one chooses Christ and His ways, s/he gets to then enjoy life in the worldly sense, that of being the happiest, away from tragedies and prospering. I thought of it as being second to what we choose to do daily and of it being a favour to God and that prayer alongside Bible study was a convenience tool.


But wait, that was before I realized how sinful I am and the Holiness of God. I thank God for the Gospel and for the gift of salvation that I don’t deserve but Him in His fullness of grace and mercy did give freely to me. The Gospel continues to reveal to me what His Will is in my life, that I am to take up my cross and faithfully follow Him with every beating of my heart, a vessel of clay in the hands of the greatest potter, God. Despite being corrupt due to my own sins and trespasses, choosing God was not within my own ability and will. Instead, it’s through His sovereign Grace that God chose me and this is my only hope. It is God alone who continues to infuse spiritual life into me, a dead sinner. I live in the hope of getting to see His kingdom in accordance to His will.

Ever thought of what the name “Christian” really is. Being Christ-like is what it is. We, human beings remain to be inadequate though an Adequate God continues to sustain us in this walk of Faith that we’ve been called to. The Gospel must remain central, permeating each and every sphere of our living meaning we are first Christians then whatever we do in life rather explained as careers come second, not the other way round. Then the call comes in for we live in a sin-filled world and being in the world yet not of the world, we all need to soldier on in this very path of sanctification that is painfully slow for to us grace is given in abundance. Amidst the temptations, valleys and hills that life offers, our eyes need remain fixed on the eternal promises of our creator since we are believers and have faith in God and God alone for we haven’t gotten to the point of shedding blood at all. Our Heavenly Father is never deaf, neither is He blind, He hears, He sees and He delivers us in accordance with His Will. As we journey through life, may we walk with Him and in Him as we work out our salvation in fear and trembling unashamed of the Gospel that is the power of God that when all is said and done, we may get to live with Christ in our eternal home where we surely belong. I soldier on. Soldier on brother, soldier on sister.

To God be the Glory.


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