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Choose Life

To move and have our being, to live. Life is doubtless a gift from him who authors our days, who did breathe life into us. Further from mere living exists a greater call – choosing life

But, what weight comes with choosing life?

It goes beyond a thank you each morning when we wake up and that thanksgiving late in the evening before sinking between those sheets for the heavens and the earth bear witness of life and death both set before us. With this reality, options accrue, flesh and blood choice leading to death as life comes though choosing God himself.

To choose life is therefore trusting in God’s unchanging grace and the complete turn he initiates and runs in each of our hearts. The big picture here is loving the Lord our God, obeying his voice and holding fast to him for only him is our life, our length of days as we dwell on this very earth. Thou painfully slow, this path to an eternity with God is rooted in the hope that when the curtains fall, we will receive the greatest reward ever – an eternity with God.

May we seek to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word, earnestly pray and repent, faithfully hold fast to our Christian faith for all without him is vanity. Guard your soul, choose life.

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(Deut 30:19-20)


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