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Dust off, Truth in

Dust and more dust ate up my fingers as I retrieved this book that has Life in it. A look at the days and love paints itself in ever corner for He has remained the same, faithful to the core, good health and life He has granted all through.

Reality hits hard on how unfaithful I have turned to be with the days that have gone by. See, there was a time when the path had gotten smooth with respect to the unashamed walk, each day characterized by fellowship and communion with Him, digging deep into the scripture to find the hidden treasure and drink of that ever flowing river.


A myriad of questions linger, is it true? Is it right to forsake the unfailing Grace giver in the chase of that which is time bound? At this point a reminder hits hard – Christianity is a personal walk with God through Christ Jesus. Its about faithfulness, going hard after Christ, growing in the faith and knowledge for through such wisdom if given, eternity is sought.

So, I shamefully take up some piece of cloth and wipe my Bible clean then get to that quiet time that I have for a long time ignored or rather seemed too busy for  before. Christianity remains to be a daily endeavour, a lifestyle – that of seeking to know Christ for the more we think we know Him, the least proves to be the reality. May we seek to be found seeking Him, that as He meets us at our points of needs, we remain faithful to Him who is ever faithful.

Dust off, Truth in


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