The Light 

​I once thought of this calling – ministry. I couldn’t afford second thought on this for it scared me and had me wander in the uncertainties that came with all the mention of societal responsibilities, eyes and  afflictions that come with ministry. This served to discourage but what does the Word say? 

Its nothing different from what Paul went through as he took up ministry at his time. The major concern in me was the craving for human approval hence the danger of getting to water down this very ministry cunningly in the sight of God. But, the Gospel is open, not hidden and hence the realization that if one seeks to serve in ministry, the message of truth must not be watered down to what the ears of men thirst for. 

Through Christ our veil is no more, a chance to be in the presence of God is given though the death of Jesus on the cross. Now that we know the glory of Christ through salvation, we have encountered the life transforming glory of God and are placed to be the light in a world that is blinded by sin for God is Light and we are the reflection of this very light to the dark world through the Gospel.
In my weakness, I am therefore encouraged for God triumphs, His grace is sufficient for me. For the sake of Christ I choose to be content with  hardships, persecutions, insults, calamities and weaknesses. To live is Christ and to die is gain, this flesh will waste away, His glory will despite all the momentarily pains. That His light is seen though my ministry, our ministry.

A sober mind is key to fulfilling this ministry, may it be the desire of all who seek to walk this path of laying down every weight and testifying Christ, making Him known in the Love of Christ who first loved us. 

To God be the Glory


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