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The Love Thorn

To give like Christ gave to the church? Simple act? Some things are not learnt before one gets into a covenant with someone. Tell me, how much did you love God before getting into a covenant with Him? We engage in what we see, are passionate about, it’s that simple before marriage. Love gets real… Continue reading The Love Thorn

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The Potter’s Clay

The potter held clay someday and craftily moulded it into a beautiful piece then gave breath. He went ahead and gave a bountiful place that the pot lacks not, that it's finishing remains smooth and welcoming. This pot stumbles upon some fire that was deceivingly convincing on a topic that wasn't really worth the hearing....… Continue reading The Potter’s Clay


Sunrise and Sunsets 

Hey, today I drift away from the norm and share work from this gift that I treasure so much, so much that I consider resigning to pursue it. Well, when I say resign, I mean let go of that panga na jembe as well as the cows. But, its not yet Uhuru so I will… Continue reading Sunrise and Sunsets 

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Of Likes and Double Taps

When still a toddler, the world only took photos to keep memories that are treasured if not valued and wrote letters to express love and share life. There existed professional camera men who, at first sight, would make the whole homestead busy with each person up and about trying to get “ready” for that photo… Continue reading Of Likes and Double Taps

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Grace upon grace

Grace upon grace “Let us then, with confidence draw near to the throne of grace that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need” Hebrew 4:16 “Need” is one thing none of all who draw their ancestry from the lineage of Adam can ever run away from, that when one… Continue reading Grace upon grace


My Love Story

"10 ways to know he loves you" "5 ways that indicate he is after you" "Just 8 steps away from winning her" "Why she is wife material" "He is a cheat if he does these things" "3 ways to make him stay" "How to know he is interested in you" "She is miss right if… Continue reading My Love Story

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"Pray I wouldn't indulge this weekend, I don't know how to describe it. I feel alone, a distant from God. I don't know why for looking around I have no reason to complain, everything's going great...." "I wish you could tell me what's going on with you for I wanna try make it better. I… Continue reading Struggles 

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Fill me with You

Clear my thoughts that wonder past the limit of your word, cleanse me of all anxiety since all lead to vanity. Make me realise that I am worthless minus you and that with you and in you, I am just but a servant. From your stewardship I have run, trust my legs to get me… Continue reading Fill me with You


26th Confession

A bungalow with a number of guzzlers packed within, two kids and a beautiful wife..... life's goals..... Noooo, life is a one time gift and when its gone, nothing much can be said about it except posts on thy timeline of who I was to the world, some true, some a making of interested minds.… Continue reading 26th Confession

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Soldier on soldier

Remember that day you gave your life to Christ? What’s your testimony for all (Christians) who believe in the Son have a testimony. From this very testimony comes the reality of us being sinful to the core and Jesus the Son of our Living God having being the propitiation for us that we now have… Continue reading Soldier on soldier