The little boys’ story

Sometimes, I get to do more than I was to have done then again shooting a race is exciting yet tasking. Well, the Amazing Maasai marathon was amazingly exciting and scenic too (by the way a photoblog comes your way next week). Now, as the race is that of more hobbyists than pro runners who… Continue reading The little boys’ story


Lens go kuku

Out of a lazy hour came this random shoot. The chicken were obviously unaware of some lens making memories of them. Some resulted as poses thou Then I spotted one claiming its throne Next to it was a hen swiftly getting cover for the king had made his word known.... On the other side of… Continue reading Lens go kuku


Going milky with the lens

Lately, subjects have changed from people to animals and cows happen to be my first blog story. Well, I found them beautiful to shoot, that's all. As always, we are in this together. Next blog will be on kuku, yes, we going kuku Feel free to drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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The Journey

That day when all hope lie on nightfall creeping in for the day wasn't just the best, that evening when I cast my fears on the unknown journey..... The previous path looked promising but the current journey looks like a bumpier ride. Am I going to pull through? See, I was told we are a… Continue reading The Journey

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Reflections of Life

There is so much to life than what meets the eye. There is that side of the coin that is so glorified, an open book for all to read if not skim through. Then, there is that other side that is only seen through the hidden eye, that reality of who we really are when… Continue reading Reflections of Life


Twaweza Live Concert Photography

A friend had a party and asked that I keep the memories... Just like any other photographer, I found my way to his place but, he wasn't home, no one was. I decided to get to a cafe for a cup of coffee just to buy time hoping he would call within an hour. Surely… Continue reading Twaweza Live Concert Photography


My little forest story

Sometime back, I cycled into Singore Forest in search of some morning vibe. I took this photo on my phone Well, I missed that vibe but got some random idea from the peaceful paths. Why not take some shots sometime? Three months later, I cycled back to that very forest and took a few shots.… Continue reading My little forest story

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Broken Mirror

Am sitting in the dark, hiding from my shadows, the voices in my head won’t let my guilt go. See, my mind won’t let me breathe, seems oxygen has turned into poison for me. Consciously into stone my heart forever bleeds, tears start as drops and turn into a flaming a sea. Oooh pain in… Continue reading Broken Mirror

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The Love Thorn

To give like Christ gave to the church? Simple act? Some things are not learnt before one gets into a covenant with someone. Tell me, how much did you love God before getting into a covenant with Him? We engage in what we see, are passionate about, it’s that simple before marriage. Love gets real… Continue reading The Love Thorn

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The Potter’s Clay

The potter held clay someday and craftily moulded it into a beautiful piece then gave breath. He went ahead and gave a bountiful place that the pot lacks not, that it's finishing remains smooth and welcoming. This pot stumbles upon some fire that was deceivingly convincing on a topic that wasn't really worth the hearing....… Continue reading The Potter’s Clay