26th Confession

A bungalow with a number of guzzlers packed within, two kids and a beautiful wife..... life's goals..... Noooo, life is a one time gift and when its gone, nothing much can be said about it except posts on thy timeline of who I was to the world, some true, some a making of interested minds.… Continue reading 26th Confession

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Soldier on soldier

Remember that day you gave your life to Christ? What’s your testimony for all (Christians) who believe in the Son have a testimony. From this very testimony comes the reality of us being sinful to the core and Jesus the Son of our Living God having being the propitiation for us that we now have… Continue reading Soldier on soldier

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Choose Life

To move and have our being, to live. Life is doubtless a gift from him who authors our days, who did breathe life into us. Further from mere living exists a greater call – choosing life But, what weight comes with choosing life? It goes beyond a thank you each morning when we wake up… Continue reading Choose Life

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Dust off, Truth in

Dust and more dust ate up my fingers as I retrieved this book that has Life in it. A look at the days and love paints itself in ever corner for He has remained the same, faithful to the core, good health and life He has granted all through. Reality hits hard on how unfaithful… Continue reading Dust off, Truth in

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Praying vs Spirit

Prayer is a path to communicating with God, a means to making our needs known to Him and asking in His name. But, are we to pray according to our own agenda? Not at all, rather, we ought pray in harmony with the leading of the Holy Spirit, pray in the Holy Spirit (Jude 1:20)… Continue reading Praying vs Spirit


Sacrifice to Love

The man has his sleeves rolled up on errands, runs up and down to have ends met, food get to the table each evening, good food for that matter. But, he keeps forgetting appointments that if not attended will mean deals aren't sealed. His books of account are messy too thus compromise running as a… Continue reading Sacrifice to Love


Masculinity defined 

How do we understand what masculinity is when it appears so convoluted everywhere we look? "Finding a clear and precise definition of masculinity is especially difficult if we turn to the world, rather than to the Bible. Just consider for a moment what we learn about masculinity from our society. It generally doesn’t take long… Continue reading Masculinity defined 


The Light 

​I once thought of this calling - ministry. I couldn't afford second thought on this for it scared me and had me wander in the uncertainties that came with all the mention of societal responsibilities, eyes and  afflictions that come with ministry. This served to discourage but what does the Word say?  Its nothing different… Continue reading The Light 


“Walking” the best exercise!

​'Walk Away' from arguments that lead you to nowhere but anger. 'Walk Away' from people who deliberately put you down. 'Walk Away' from any thought that reduces your worth. 'Walk Away' from failures and fears that stifle your dreams. The more you 'Walk Away' from things that poison your soul, the happier your life would… Continue reading “Walking” the best exercise!